An exciting range of paintable wallpaper with unique embossing to create amazing texture. The interplay of light and shade on this wallpaper makes for a unique and sensual wall!

Individual wall and ceiling coatings are an integral part of modern interior design. The perfect combination of form, colour and texture gives rise to numerous ways of designing interior settings that are a real experience to behold. Smooth or rough, matt or gloss, in muted or extravagant colours – decorative wall paper finishes from Absolute Paints© in partnership with Sto cover a broad spectrum to lend every interior a special charm all of its own.

After your chosen wallpaper is plastered onto the walls a coating of any of Absolute Paints© quality PVA, Cashmere© or Enamel ranges can be applied on top of the wallpaper to give a unique long lasting surface with all your beloved qualities of paint! We have an unlimited choice of contemporary and classic wallpaper styles to choose from!