Ivodale Children’s Home



Ivodale is a children’s home that caters to at least 50 children. Its part of Celebration Ministries’ Compassion Ministries. The challenge was to design a colour scheme with all the hallmarks of warmth, that invoke the feeling of home, that sense of belonging and of cause a modern look.

Why The A Team

As part of our pledge to be good corporate citizen the A team partnered with Celebration Ministries’s compassion arm to give the home a long due makeover. A Team™ has an award winning design team with the design sensibilities for any project big or small. Our design team proposed a warm neutral ivory (Absolute™ Wallscape Accents ™) and deep rich brown for the roof and pillars (Absolute™ Roof Sentry™).

The interior has a smooth grey with an undertones of yellow and white for the doors and trims. (Absolute ™ Eggshell Enamel)

Needless to say the whole job was done around the children’s schedules with no disturbance to them whatsoever and the result could be seen in the smile of the children.

A Team ™ unlike most companies is not in the business of merely proving products or for that matter services. We are in the business of providing solutions!!

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