Holiday Inn Harare (Exterior)


The Holiday Inn Harare (8 Storey, 201 roomed hotel) was in need of a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up to the exacting standards befitting of the international brand that is Holiday Inn. This was necessary to compliment the interior renovations done prior that had upped the game locally. The challenge however was to achieve this in a cost effective way and without inconveniencing the guests (think scaffolding)

Why the A-Team ™ – A Team ™ unlike most companies is not in the business of merely proving products or for that matter services. We are in the business of providing solutions!!

Why The A Team

When you have a problem and no one can Solve it? You call the A Team ™. The A Team ™ manufactured a first in Zimbabwe a durable exterior Wallscape ™ paint with an amazing 15 year guarantee for quality and colour stay!!!
The A Team ™ realising the need for a cost effective, safe and modern way to scale our tall buildings without inconveniencing those below invested in a technologically advanced electronic Sky Jack. This is a marvel for our local industry!!
Because the hotel was not to be closed we needed to complete the hotel as a matter of urgency. The A Team ™ true to its solution finding ethos invested again in a first for Zimbabwe. A spray gun for decorative water based paints!!!