Cresta Lodge Refurbishment



A dated foyer and 56 rooms spawning two blocks of idyllically set Cresta Lodge enveloped in a cocoon of tranquility at the outskirts of Harare needed a complete makeover. Design Up a general contractor was hired by the hotel’s project’s managers Turner & Townsend to undertake this massive refurbishment.

Why The A Team

A Team™ having been the preferred supplier and paint contractor of Cresta Hotels for almost a decade was a natural partner for Design Up in this refurb not only because we are renowned for our high quality paints but because we keep a colour bank and are guaranteed to proffer the correct product, for the correct area and more importantly tint the correct colour all the time!

As is common cause A Team ™ is cost effective, efficient and a good team player which in this instance was vital as we had to work in concert with other trades (plumbers, electricians, tilers, interior decorators, carpenters etc.)

A Team ™ unlike most companies is not in the business of merely proving products or for that matter services. We are in the business of providing solutions!!