About us

We the A Team Contractors are Master Painters and a Quality Coatings manufacturer. We provide industry leading warranties on our paints and on workmanship from such nuisances as flacking , peeling etc.

We understand that painting is not only meant to beautify but is meant to protect and enhance value as well. That is why our paints are formulated and guaranteed to last longer.

Through our artisans who by virtue experience and continual improvement are masters of their craft we offer further guarantees on workmanship!

Owning the process from manufacture to application guarantees you our client perfection and peace of mind.

A-Team Contractors is paint contracting and manufacturing company that was birthed two years ago (2013) out of Absolute Paints (Pvt) Ltd.’s drive to organically evolve into a fully-fledged products and services company. This was in an effort better take advantage of the opportunities obtaining.

This far-reaching realignment of the company has enabled us to innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability in a fast changing market.

These changes have enabled us to execute even better on our strategy of delivering a family of products and services that bind us i.e. our design, our project management , paint production and paint contracting divisions into a seamless “product/service.”

We have always had a big vision — to help people and their spaces realize their full potential. In the earliest days, it was by making a great product (paint) at an affordable price for every home and project. We’ve come farther than we could have imagined. The impact we made on the market is undeniable, and we are inspired when new clients say they chose A Team because they want to be part of something new, personal and great — that’s what we do today, and that’s what we’ll do tomorrow!

Who we are are  is the sum total of what we have overcome, our hopes and what we diligently choose to be  – Bakari

A Team is “A” name that fully encompasses the suite of services that we offer but all the while clearly paying homage to our roots.


  • Absolute Quality , Absolute Service
  • A is the epitome of excellence
  • A is first and preferred.

The Tick
The Tick denotes our customers seal of approval.

The Shield

The Shield is the cover we enjoy by virtue of whose we are.

The Team
Team – in recognition of the fact that it’s in teams that latent realities are manifested.

At The A Team We believe our ethos not only define who we are, what we aspire or how we become it but it defines our commitment to you!

Our Destiny
Providing Absolute Decorative Solutions.

Our Cause
To beautify, protect and enhance value.

Our Calling
To inspire continued enthusiasm in property/asset value enhancement.

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny. – Mahatma Gandhi

At The A Team our values are solemn pledge to be ALL we promise to be at whatever cost!

Fostering an enabling environment where enthusiasm inspired by purpose thrives.

Having the passion, expertise and capacity to deliver superior performance, beauty and value to our customers that transcends into the future to create a legacy.

Creating a win culture of production founded on strong relationships, celebrating diversity and teamwork.

In word and action.

Paul Botman

Paint Formulations (R&D) Consultant

Philip Jones

International Projects

Tatenda Dhlamini

Business Development & Projects